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Every movie on this list had at least one sequel created for it. Piece of shit sequels that should have stayed within the imaginations of the screen writer. Movie companies make one good movie and get such a huge boner over all the money that they are making that they want to continue their raging hard on. So they decide to keep milking the series for every cent they can. They donít care about quality. They just take a horrible script, take the previous movie tile and slap a number to the end to create a new movie.
12. The Santa Clause
This movie is a Christmas classic. It made a lot of money and had great success. It only makes sense that they make some sequels right? Wrong. The greedy movie company that decided to make the sequels should go stick an icicle up their ass until they get frost bite. The movies were horrible. They featured Tim Allen desperately trying to find a Mrs. Clause and him fighting a creepy ass plastic version of himself. Yea, they were pretty awful. Iím ashamed that Tim Alllen agreed to be in them.
11. Legally Blonde
Any guy that says they donít like this movie has never seen it or is a liar that likes to pretend they are too macho to watch anything that has a female lead or features the color pink. Point is, this movie was funny. The second one, not so much. She was a dumb blonde in the first one that was learning to conform the educated lifestyle that she was completely ignorant to. That was whole plot of the movie. In the second one, she is a smart blonde that stays her preppy girly way by decking everything out with pink. They went really over board with the prissy shit. The whole movie was based off of her sticking Polly pocket stickers on her Law books.
10. Grease
Grease. Sweet movie. The only musical that a guy has ever enjoyed. The second one is a different story. I have a feeling that the only reason we all liked Grease was the fact that we all have a small crush on John Travolta. The second one didnít have John Travolta. So it left us John Trabolting out of the the theaters.
9. Donnie Darko
Everybody. EVERYBODY loves this movie. It is an amazing movie with a great storyline and a bunny that is creepy enough to haunt my thoughts during sex. What most people donít realize is that they made a sequel. Iím pretty sure the amount of people that has seen the sequel is estimated to be around the number 3. Nobody wants to watch it. Everybody is aware that no matter what the movie is about, it could never be nearly as good as the first one.
8. Big Mommaís House
Iím a huge hater of Martin Lawrence, so it pains me to say this. Big Mommaís House was a pretty damn good movie. It might have been because I was 7 when I first saw it, but I very much enjoyed it. They really did not need to make two more after it. How many more times could you possibly need to dress like an overweight black woman in order to carry out an FBI operation? The sequels were so bad, Big Momma wouldnít eat them even if they were deep fried and covered in barbecue sauce.
7. Home Alone 2
Everybody has seen Home Alone and Home Alone 2. They were good movies. Nobody will ever dispute you on that fact. Let me go ahead and say that I liked the 3rd movie. After taking a general consensus, Iíve come to the conclusion that I am the only one in the world that liked the third movie. Talking about the plot does sound pretty dumb. It was about a group of highly trained Russian Special Agents getting taken out by a 7 year old with a remote control car. Not Believable. I liked it. What I did not like is the barrage of other movies that came right after it. I never saw them, but fuck them.
6. Shrek 2
I loved Shrek and Shrek 2. They were good and funny movies. Like most series of movies, they decided to push it too far. The story of the first Shrek was an amazingly original idea that managed to throw in hilarious jokes and mixed in just the necessary amount (not too much) of romance in the movie. The second was less original but still quite hilarious... After that, it just went downhill. We got bored of the characters, bored of the fairy tale universe and hated the shitty jokes. Just awful.
5. Taken
I have not seen Taken 2 yet. The first one was good enough for me. It had all the high octane action and original plot that I needed. Iím afraid that Liam Neeson will use his badassery to snap my neck by saying this but, it just did not need a second one.
4. Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 were hilarious because it came from the minds of the amazing Wayans family. They are some funny people that created quality movies. Then they decided to stop making these movies and hand it off to somebody else. Bad decision. Every Scary Movie that came after the second one was just filled up with shitty humor that a 5 year old probably thought up of while he was pooping his pants. Watching the sequels was like watching somebody get kicked in the nuts over and over again. Itís funny for the first 3 minutes, then you just get bored and go eat some pie.
3. Blues Brothers
Yes they made a sequel to the Blues Brothers. It is called Blues Brothers 2000. The first one was a great movie. The only Saturday Night Live movie to get good reviews. The sequel did not get good reviews. It didnít even have John Belushi in it. Why the fuck would anybody watch the sequel?
2. Bruce Almighty
Iím a huge fan of Jim Carrey. He is my favorite actor right after the great Will Smith. This movie was perfect. It had every personality of Jim Carrey featured into one movie. It was funny and perfectly entertaining. The movie was about Jim Carrey getting the powers of God and him using it for his own advantage, until he learns a valuable lesson. Plus Jennifer Aniston was in it, so my penis liked it too.
Then they decided to make a little movie called ďEvan AlmightyĒ. Jennifer Aniston wasnít in it, so my penis hated it. This sequel had Steve Carell working as Noah to build this huge boat and carry all these people and animals to survive an appending flood thatís supposed to destroy the world. The flood turned out to be one dam breaking and not destroying shit. All of the people could have just as easily survived by staying in a hotel a mile away. Shit was dumb and should have never been made.
1. Hangover
The sequel to the hangover was not bad at all. In fact, it was pretty damn good. The only problem was that it was the exact same fucking thing as the first one. I believe they switched the baby for a monkey and they changed 3 lines of dialogue. Other than that, they were exactly the same.