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Hacker group, Anonymous, made news again this weekend by sending a huge “Fuck You” to the Westboro Baptist Church.
Anonymous is a group of activists (hacktivists) that use their hacking abilities to do what they believe is right. They decided that they need to take action after hearing that the Westboro Church plans on protesting the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Anonymous released this video on December 15th as a message to the church.
After spitting out some hateful criticism towards the church, the video states that the hackers have the ability to shut down the Westboro Church and they have every intention in doing so. They state that they “do not forgive and do not forget”.

In just a couple days, the hacktivist group has managed to hack the church through their Twitter page and gather all the personal information (names, emails, phone numbers) of the members of the church. They then released all this information so the public could personally contact all of the members of the church.

You can view all of the information of the church members here:

Naturally, the Westboro Baptist Church was slightly pissed about this. They tweeted, "Ive never heard of Anonymous, but somehow they got our personal info. That is OUR info, not yours to give out! God will deliver us." Too bad nobody gives a shit about them or their right to privacy.

The group is also pushing for more signatures for a petition to classify the Westboro Church as a hate group. Right now, they are classified as a religious organization. This allows them to be exempt from taxes. If the petition gets recognized, they will become reclassified as a hate group, therefore will have to start paying taxes. The petition has already long passed its goal of 25,000 signatures, but the group is still urging for more.

Sign the petition here: