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There have been many actresses that have posed for Playboy. I have looked through many lists of actresses that have done so. But I noticed that all these lists contained a lot of actresses that I have never even fucking heard of. I don’t want to see the tits of a random girl that was in one episode of a TV show that I never seen before. That’s why I made this list of girls that you have seen before.

The links in each description are links to pictures of the naked women. I spent numerous, painful, horrible, soul crushing hours looking at nude women. You better enjoy the sacrifices I have made for you. Try to read the whole thing before you start fapping.
10. Alison Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s Daughter)

Alright, it might be contradictory to what I said in the introduction but I looked at all the movies that she was in. I never heard of any of them. She is the daughter of Clint Eastwood though. That automatically makes her a badass bitch. There is something quite exciting about knowing that I am staring at the tits that grew from the seed of Dirty Harry.

9. Rachel Hunter (Chick from Stacy’s Mom Music Video)

Stacys Mom has definitely got it going on. If you were born in the early 90s, this is the woman that pushed you through puberty. The music video for Stacy’s Mom was spanking material for all of us in Middle School. Now that you are past the point of jerking off to PG-13 sexuality, you can now view her nude body that was featured in a Playboy magazine.

8. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a very famous actress nowadays. She seems nice and mature now. Back in the day, she was pretty damn wild. Remember when she flashed Letterman on Late Night TV? These pictures beat the hell out of that. It was a relief finally seeing these after getting teased by this beautiful, red-headed woman for 90 minutes in Charlies Angels.

7. Marilyn Monroe

I have something to say about this woman. She is fucking gorgeous, but I am sick and tired of her being treated like she is essence of beauty. If you look up a list of hottest celebrities of all time, she is usually number one. That is just not true. There are so many more hotter women.

6. Denise Richards

A lot of you have probably seen this woman in the movie Wild Things (I got about 15 minutes into that movie before my pants were around my ankles). She was also in Starship Troopers and Blue Mountain State. Anyways, she is pretty damn sexy.
5. Tia Carrere (Chick from Wayne’s World)

I have only seen this girl in Waynes World. I love Waynes World. My dad would play this movie with me and my brothers all the time. It was a childhood movie for me. I loved it. Tia played the rocker girlfriend of Wayne Campbell , Cassandra. She was pretty fudging gorgeous in that movie. That is why I was so happy to find out she has nudes in Playboy. I looked at them for like 30 minutes. SCHAAAWING!!!!

4. Lindsay Lohan

She hasn’t been looking very great lately. She was so sexy back when she was in Parent Trap. She got even sexier when she was in Mean Girls. Then she shoved 15 pounds of cocaine into her nose. Her face started looking like the ass of a cow. She does look pretty fetch in these pictures. Check them out.

3. Kim Kardashian

Wait. You hate Kim Kardashian? Everybody does! Why? No fucking reason. Just because we hate her, does not make her body any less bangable. She is gorgeous (especially when she is standing next to her baby hippo of a sister, Chloe). She posed nude recently. We all enjoyed it.

2. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is that chick from the beginning of Scary Movie. The one that gets stabbed in the boobie. But, you probably know her best from playing Roxanne in the greatest movie ever, Good Burger. She has been in a lot of movies. She has never really been the star of any of them, but she is usually the sexiest.

1. Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia from American Pie)

Shannon Elizabeth has been in a lot of movies. She played Kelsos babymomma, Brooke, in That 70s Show. But she is definitely most famous for playing the sexy exchange student, Nadia, in American Pie. That one scene where she is rubbing herself in Jims room was enough to put her as number one on this list. I would poison an orphanage for the chance to lick her armpit. I would bit off my pinky toe for the opportunity to pick her nose. She is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen and I thank God that she was kind enough to take off her clothes for us.